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Purple patches on TV



Live and learn, my friend, live and learn.  Yes, these panels from Samsung have a very high failure rate.  In fact, their failure rate is much higher than that of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 phone.  Unfortunately, this failure was publicized extensively and the users did get some relief (but not much).  In our case, this is flying under the radar and Samsung is not likely to do anything.  It is cheaper for Samsung not to solve this problem than to lose a few customers. 


It is quite funny, but my other 4K TV is a Vizio, a cheaper brand but this TV, albeit a bit older (just by months) it still has a perfect picture (not a single pixel has gone bad).


Just do not bother.  No, it will not fix it.  The whole panel must be replaced.


The most stupid thing is that my Samsung TV is the less used by my family and the DVD player was used twenty times or less (dvds aren't very popular these days :-). Just phoned my insurance company and they will replace the tv but this is just sad and I will NEVER trust Samsung again. 


PauloC, how did you work out to get the TV replaced by the insurance company?


First, I'm Portuguese and bought the tv in the local mediamarkt. At the time I paid 49€ for a 5year total coverage warranty. The agency is british - D&A I think.


Thanks.  None of my previous TVs has ever gone bad.  These panels should make it to five years and much more.  In any case, I will replace mind shortly.  The funny thing is that 8K TVs would be out next year (although there would not be any programming for them). 

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Likewise my UE48H6670 has now got purple patches and shading since purchasing in october 2014.  This is the first tv that I have had in 40 plus years which has developed such a major fault.  I expect a TV screen to last 10 years or more.  They have been that reliable since the early 1970s.  Are these fit for purpose, I say not.  

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Sadly just another "same here" reply .   HU7500 48".  Purple patch lower right about 2" wide  running up the right hand side. Has been getting worse over the last year.  


Has Samsung owned up to the issue ?








Does this appear on Picture Test? Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture Test.


If so, please contact your nearest Service Centre to arrange an inspection with an authorised engineer. 



I begin to come to some conclusions about this problem. My television and that of a friend ended up like this, after having the maximum value for the backlight for months. How were your TVs?

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