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Problems with Samsung Smart TV UE55D6500 vsxzg

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I have been told my SMART TV's current Version: 001010 needs and upgrate hence why I cannot browse on the internet, everytime I try to search something on google it says server not found, even though the internet connection works fine.  I have been told that I would need to updgrade it by downloading the new version into a formated USB and download it into the computer however this could "destroy" the system, has anybody done this or has any sugestions.  I feel like I bought a great TV that now is useless, also I got a message from You tube to say that in a few months I won't be able to use the app.  

Is there any other way to make the TV  up to date, so I can browse etc.


On a second point It has several times switched itself on at night and it seems to be changing channels alone.....really freaky, seems to be radio channels, what seems to be the problem with this?


Thanks for your help?


KellyM Moderator

Hi @ElsRlloyd,


We recommend installing the latest software update via USB. You can download the Upgrade File (USB Type) and the Upgrade Guide from our website here.


Let us know if this helps.

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Hello Kelly,


Thank you so much for your help, I followed the instructions and upgraded the software to the current version which displays it as 001028, so software upgrade was successful, thank you. However when I go Smart Hub and search for a webpage on Google using the web browser it comes back with the results, so it is connecting to the server and interenet is working fine but when I try and go to to a specific page it comes back with "Server not found" on some pages, on others it loads up, if I try to sign in on g-mail for example it comes up with server not found and on BBC Sports I can navigate.  Could it be this foult hasn't got anything go do with the software upgrade??   Just an incorrect setting.  Plus when the Server not found message comes up next to the browser address a lock appears.........

I wonder if any of this makes sense and anyone can help me with this issue, I really would appreciate it.  Thanks.






KellyM Moderator

We're happy to hear the software installation was a success! Has this helped prevent the TV switching itself on and changing channels?


In regards to the Web Browser, we're unable to guarantee the support of all web pages. It's possible that the pages that require a secure sign in are not supported - this is a limitation of the browser. 

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Thank you for your help, the upload has helped with the switching on of the Tv and programs.


In order to browse, go on applications like Netflix, You Tube etc what would you recommend we do, buy an amazon firestick, or would you recommend something else?


Thank you.



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I have the same problem with Ua46es6200 server not found 

I'm install the latest version 

A Internet work fine

Best regards


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yesterday, I've updated my UE46D8000 with an usb stick, version is now 001033.

I've the tried to go in "smart TV" menu, then use the internet browser. To any HTTP web site, the browsing works fine.

Each time I'm trying to go on a HTTPS website, I get the "no server found" message.

I've done a tcpdump on my router, and the https on port 443 is done well. But it drops after a few packet exchange.

I suspect the root certificate included in the browser are outdated.

How do we get this working ? As obviously, we have no access to the browser config.



Please is there an answer to the prior question as I am stuck with a similar problem. Google website works fine but any link I try gives message 'Server Not Found' - most unsatisfactory.

ChrisM Moderator

What's the model code and software version of your TV @pwaldo51?


@ChrisM wrote:

What's the model code and software version of your TV @pwaldo51?

Tv is UE40ES5500 - not sure of software version but it says it is up to date - where do I find that?

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