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Possible Fix for Too-Dark Netflix Videos on Samsung TVs

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Sadly, the answer is to switch your device to SDR. You can sit in a pitch black room and mess with settings all you want - that won’t fix it. 

This means that you have to notice, or know, that the video you want to watch will be streamed  in Dolby Vision HDR and change a setting every time (then change it back - what a pain!) to accommodate this. 


a) If watching via the Netflix smart app on the Samsung HDR telly itself, turn off the HDR settings in the telly’s General/ External Device Manager settings which set the input ports for HDR. Usually called HDMI UHD Colour or Input Signal Plus. 

Now the Netflix Dolby Vision HDR video will still play in 4k/UHD but only in SDR. (And only in 8-bit) But, at least, you can see it without having to sit in the coal cellar. 

 (May cause unwanted changes to other devices connected to the TV)

Remember to turn those settings back on again for non-HDR Netflix videos and for all Amazon etc. videos.


b) If watching via an AppleTV 4k connected to a Samsung HDR TV these are usually the best Video settings for everything except Netflix HDR videos. I recommend using them all the time:

- 4K SDR (Yes, SDR!) in 50Hz (UK) or 60Hz

- Chroma 420 (To enable 10-bit on most, not-super-expensive, Samsung tellys)

- Match Content > Range and Frame Rate both turned on. 


To watch a Netflix Dolby Vision HDR video in SDR on a Samsung HDR TV, simply turn off Match Dynamic Range (only) in the Match Content setting referred to above. 

Now the Netflix Dolby Vision HDR video which you want to watch will still play in 4k/UHD but only in SDR. (And only in 8-bit)


Remember to turn that Range setting back on again for non-HDR Netflix videos and for all Amazon etc. videos.



Firstly, the “best” AppleTV settings shown above will allow SDR Videos and the Home Screen to display correctly and then, when you start to play any HDR video, the AppleTV automatically switches itself to output HDR ( and back to SDR again, when done.)


Netflix outputs it’s HDR videos in Dolby Vision HRD format. Many brands of  telly display this OK but Samsung tellys are designed to use the rival HDR10+ format. Dolby Vision formatted videos display badly on Samsung TVs. Full stop!

Amazon Prime output their HDR videos in HDR10+ format so they display nicely on Samsung tellys. 


Netflix claim to output HDR in both Dolby Vision format and in vanilla HDR10 (without a +) format. Presumably, if we could get them to send HRD10 (without a +) format videos to our Samsung TVs that would fix the problem. But, I rang Netflix, and it seems (in a very vague conversation) that this is not possible unless our AppleTVs could somehow request it. 


Dolby Vision vs HDR10+ who will win the battle to become the industry standard?


Note that this correct AFAIK on 11/07/2019 and may change in future. Those of us who just bought new Samsung TV sets will be keeping our fingers crossed!



Netflix 4k displays fine on my samsung?

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I have to same problem - when watching Netflix content, i.e. Stranger Things, the TV flickers and goes into a darker mode. I've turned off HDMI UHD Color Support in the External Devices menu on the TV and it forces Netflix to playback in non-HDR mode. Picture is fine in non-HDR.


Interestingly, even with HDMI UHD Color disabled in External Devices, my Nvidia Shield/Plex can still play HDR10 4K video files for some reason. But thankfully, Netflix respects this setting and plays at the brighter SDR level.


Something is wrong with Netflix and the brightness on Samsung TVs...

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