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Just a tht but is there a thread where people put their picture settings ?? Just tht it would be interesting to see how people like their TV set up and might give other people ideas on how to make theirs better . Things like contrast , brightness , colour etc ........

MasukaH Moderator

Hey @Edgie70


Sounds like a brilliant idea! We'll definitely have a look into this for you, though you may have just started a thread yourself! You can tell us which TV model you have and your preferred settings if you like, or how about anything you’re looking to change? 






Excellent !! Just bought a ue49mu6500 curved , currently have pic settings as follows :-

Picture mode  standard ,

Backlight 17 , brightness 0 

Contrast 85 , sharpness 40 

Colour 80 , tint in the middle , digital clean view on , auto motion off , contrast enhancer high , hdr off , film mode auto 1 , colour tone cool , gamma bt1886 +2 , RGB off , colour space auto .

I think the pic is really vibrant when watching sky sports hd etc , auto motion off because it makes judder 99% gone , thanks 👍🏻


I'll give these a try this afternoon, what kinda lighting would you say this is for ? Day / ambient or night ?


Hi , I set mine up during the day 


MU7500 Curved 65" Here.  Settings are as follows:

Mode - Standard

Backlight - 20 (sometimes 17, depends on how dark the room is)

Contrast - 90 (100 if HDR)

Brightness - 0

Sharpness - 25

Color -52

Digital Clean view - on if watching Direct TV, off if watching Netflix or something in 4k HDR

Auto Motion and Film Mode - off

Contrast Enhancer - Low (high if HDR)

Color Space - Auto

Color Tone - Warm 1 (standard if watching HDR)

Tint and Gamma are default

I've played with every setting every way and this works best for my setup.


Superuser I
Superuser I

Certainly can be useful guide to share settings, however may vary according to model,  personal preference and viewing environment.   At times I adjust depending on content, however with this proviso here are my general settings on the MU6400.

Picture Mode: Alternate between Movie and Standard

Backlight 13-15    HDR (20)

Brightness  0-3

Contrast  95 -100 

Sharpness  30-40

 Colour 50

Tint   G50/R50

Digital Clean View Off

Film Mode: Off

Auto Motion:  Generally off for HD  ,  UHD tend to set it at 3

Contrast Enhancer  Low ,High (HDR)

Colour Tone Warm2

Gamma  BT 1886 1

Colour Space Settings: Auto





Adjust to max colour and max backlight and used standard mode dont use vivid 


I have 2 settings one for 4k picture and films (HDR etc) then one for general  viewing 


It makes a difference to have 4k settings different from SD


It took me a long time to get my xbox 4k settings but I am happy now.


I can post  both and see what you think.


I have a MU6470 

Backlight 15
Brightness 1
Contrast 94
Sharpness 52
Colour 57
Tint G46 R54
Picture Settings set Current Source
Motion plus Auto
Contrast enhancer Low
Colour tone Standard
Gamma BT.1886 0
Colour Space Native


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