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Turn off the Film Mode and the Auto Motion plus. Your judders should completely disappear. 


( copied my post from other thread )



Q9 55” 2018 model 


Local dimming on low -this stops dark appearing
Some eco mode on -this stops eyes burning out due to bright whites

Best settings I’ve found yet & can now see detail in darker areas without annoying dark shadows appearing




realised using settings that dim screen to much causes  a  whole host of problems start mainly local dimming related even with dimming set to LOW

turn off all eco options except ambiant light detection to around minimum 30 just to account for low light rooms 


scteen still will seem to bright if like me your use to non Qled , I’m getting a brill picture now without annoyance , 

still getting use to sometimes bright whites but I guess this is a part of the realism


After viewing the TV for a while I am still happy with the standard setting.

Minor adjustments:
Eco (min backlight 40). Night time TV backlight is too bright otherwise.

Bumped up the sharpness to 26. Make the images a little crisper.

All sources come in via HDMI ports. Audio now goes out via ARC to take advantage of higher bandwidth DD5.1 and Netflix HQ audio. Sounds better than optical.

Aquaman on built in Apple TV app was stunning!

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