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Hello People of Samsung  I have a 40" 4K UHD LED 6 Series MODEL CODE: UN40KU6300  which had for about 2 Years and I notice these light Purple Patch Spot on my Screen. I did all the test and still shows these Purple haze discoloration spots on my screen  one is in the right corner and the other one is in the Middle of the screen. " I would like to know what causes the Problem and if there is a simple FIX to remove these annoying big purple spots?  If anybody know or have Youtube Video that can show me how to fix this problem Please post. To be honest I love this Samsung 4K TV and was about to buy a couple more for my business and House but, I have to reconsider because Samsung has not address this issue. After doing my research I notice a lot of People been having this same Problem with Purple Blueish spots showing up on their Samsung 4K LED TV SCREENS. Once again if anyone knows how to FIX and get rid of the Purple Clouds off the Screen Please reply.    




THERE is already a thread for this. In short, alot of us have this issue, Samsung will just tell you to go to authorized repair shop in which they will say you need to replace the pane which cost as much as tv. Unless it's still in waranty. But most of ours started having this issue at the 2 year mark. Basically, your out of luck. And it will develop more. I started with 1, now I have 5. 

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Same issue for me.  A couple months ago I had 1 spot and now there are 4. If I knew the TV would have only lasted less than 3 years I might as well had purchased a cheapo brand.  Very disappointed in Samsung.




If you are in the UK you can claim against the retailer or credit card company, it's the retailer your contact and strongest legal rights are with. Goods should be free from manufacturing faults and last a reasonable amount of time, up to 6 years in some cases.  Know your rights here


Unfortunately Samsung TVs seem to be buggy and prone to problems with next to no support or care from Samsung, lesson to be learnt, don't buy a Samsung TV.





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 is your T.V. next to ANY magnets? Magnets can affect T.V. screens. If you are, move it away immediately. 

Well I'm kind of lost for words. I do have the purple patches on my 65-inch curved TV that I bought Father's Day 2017. This by all facts about this is a manufacturing problem that's Samsung refuses to admit to I've talked to Samsung many time to many different people and every time they tell me what this is the first they have heard of this. That can't be true because I see over hundreds of post about these purple patches that I just can't imagine why they would not pay attention to this defect. Now according to the new consumer laws the only person you can sue is the person you bought it from which is totally wrong. I actually convinced Samsung to give me a courtesy TV repairman to come to my house today I don't look for nothing to happen except the guy look at my TV and say oh you have purple patches. I'll let you know what Samsung has to say about it but I'm beginning to believe the only way to get Samsung to do something is we're going to have to bombard Facebook tweets any other social media we can get to and if we badmouth Samsung products enough and long enough maybe they'll get it through their heads I got to fix this stuff if they want to keep in competition in the TV business. I saw a big TV commercial on the football championship game last night bragging about the Samsung 8K new TV well if there's enough people out there complaining about Samsung not doing nothing about the products maybe they'll get it through their heads that they have to make people happy with the product so that more people will buy it. Absolutely makes no sense to me why they haven't done something about this years ago because this is been going on for a long time and I bet there's another couple thousand or so people out there with the same problem that are not complaining me myself I'm retired I can't afford to go pay another $2,000 for television set, they say the repairs you have to change the screen which hell that cost just as much as a new TV. I pray at Samsung decides to make their products good but I wouldn't hold my breath
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It is not just Samsung.  It is all flat screens.  I have had 2 Vizios do the same thing.  I bought warranty though, so I got a gift card in the amount I paid for the TVs and just bought new ones with new warranties.  I have also seen threads on Sony TVs etc.  

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That is only on CRT televisions. Magnets have no effect on LEDs.
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