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PS4 PRO HDR problems with Samsung UE49MU7055

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Samsung UE49MU7055 UHD TV 49 HELP.

I've recently bought a Samsung UE49MU7055 UHD TV 49

I bought it knowing that I would be getting a Ps4 Pro. For 4k and HDR.

I'm having some problems getting it to work. It's working in 4k. I know this because on the video output information on my ps4 the resolution is 4k. 

But I can't seem to get it to work in HDR. It's this year's model and has HDR10 from what I understand. In the video output information, it says HDR on your tv not supported.

I'm using the HDMI that came with the pro. I've done some reading and know I have to go to external device settings on my TV and turn the HDMI UHD Color on for the HDMI port I'm using for the pro. I've done all that.

As soon as I turn the HDMI UHD Color on, the tv stops recognizing the source and I get kicked to the tv source screen with a message telling me as much. As soon as I turn UHD Color off again, it recognizes the source again.

Also. Every 10 seconds or so I get a flicker across the screen.

 Tried 3 different HDMI 2.0 cables.

Anyone else had this issue? It is truly doing my nut in.


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Hi @thranejepsen. Is Game mode selected on your TV? 

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Yes, have tried with game mode, and without. And on all HDMI inputs

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Are you able to activate HDR by pressing Settings on your remote and going to Picture > Expert Settings > HDR+ Mode? 

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I thought that HDR+ mode was this 'fake' HDR mode?

I have only tried with HDMI UHD COLOUR and selected the HDMI input that the PS4 PRO input is on. 

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What software version are you running, @thranejepsen? I know there was an update on some TV's that meant you didn't have to manually set HDR anymore as used to be the case. 

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I'm running the newest software - and I have reset the TV several times. 

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Anyone else have this issue, or know how to deal with it??? 


It is frustrating to have bought a new TV and Ps4 pro, and then cant use the HDR setting..

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It can be hard to accept when you're trying HDMI cables rated for 4k and certified 2.0 capable. The issue is your cable tho, and unfortunately the stock PS4 cable IS NOT 4K HDR capable. 


Suggest buying a cable that claims 4k and her specifically. That said, the original Xbox one cable has consistently worked where other "HDMI 2" cables have failed. The upshot is the HDMI versions are a bit finicky you just have to find a cable that supports the throughput you need.

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