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Owners BEWARE Burning hot to the touch TV Samsung JS9000 series. Possible Fire hazard!

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Hi Guys,
Just a heads up to any JS9000 owners out there. I believe this series of TV's may be a potential fire hazard in our homes.
Having previously purchased a variety of Samsung TVs and monitors over the years I was always a fam on the company. So much so back in 2016 I decided to upgrade my old Samsung 32" to a more modern set from Samsung.

After much research and careful budgeting along with managing to convince my wife of the upgrade. I was truly a happy man in taking the Samsung JS9000 55" home for the cost of nearly £1400, which I thought was a great investment at the time.

Wow first impressions were great, 4K along with wonderful vibrant colours, I was a very happy man!

All was great with this Samsung JS9000 up until a few weeks back. We have our entertainment centre setup in the bay area of the living room. We were in the living room just relaxing as families do, my 3 year old daughter went to look out the window where the TV is located. Here face touched of silver side bezel of the right TV and she screamed in pain!

I ran over to her and put my hand on the side panel of the TV to be amazed that it was BURNING HOT TO THE TOUCH!

I was shocked, this was crazy how could it be suddenly be generating so much heat.

Both sides of the TV are absolutely burning hot to the touch, even after 30 minutes in use.

The hottest areas of the panel are so hot they are have started to burn white patches along either vertical edge of the totally ruining the viewing experience and picture quality. These burn patches I observe to be getting worse over time.


Therefore, if you are an owner of such a device please for safely sake keep a close eye on it especially if you have a young family.

I spoke to Samsung support who said it was out of warranty, so tough look, they provided me a number for a local repair shop.

We are no so scared of this device being in our home or even letting our kids in the same room as it.

So owners of the JS9000 please beware regularly check you set for signs of heat, as having worked with electronics for 10 years in my opinion this series of TV could catch fire any anytime!

Have any other owners got similar issues? If so please let me know and we can look at crowdfunding an action to make Samsung take accountability and putting our homes and lives at risk.

And please do not trust the call centre team when they tell you the set won’t catch fire!
Best wishes.


AntS Moderator

Hi @jw22 , Doesn't sound good that. :(


I've sent you a PM as I'd like to have a look into this one for you. 

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