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Optical out won't turn off

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Am using the optical output of my new Q6fn to a stereo amp.  Set to PCM and works fine.  

The problem is, when I switch sound output to the TV speaker, the optical output stays active and I get sound from both.  Thought I should be able to switch between the two?

Have done factory reset and tried different optical cable.

Is this normal or a fault?





This is not a fault.

The optical connection has a constant output.

In this configuration You can't even use your tv remote control to adjust volume.

Connect your stereo amp. with a HDMI cable if possible.

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Hello All,


not exactly the same question but the topic  is quite close to my issue.


I have my new Samsung TV (QE65Q90) connected to my receiver yamaha through optical cable. During the seting of the smart remote there is a step to check if the receiver turns ON/OFF and it does. 


During normal use of the system when I use the Vol Up/Down it adjusts properly on receiver as well, but I don't seem to know how to turn the receiver off. Ideally when I turn off the TV the receiver should go off and when turning the TV it should come on also... But it always stays on.


I've gone through the settings but don't seem to find anything that solves this. Any ideas?

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