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OneRemote turning on the power of my Yamaha AVR

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Hi, I´ve searched, but couldn´t find any information about this.

I have configured my 2018 OneRemote (of my 65q9fn 2018) to turn the volume up and down on my Yamaha AVR, but it doesn´t turn the AVR on and off.

Is this possible?

When I configure it, it does a test turning it off and I accept that it has been turned off, but afterwards it only seems to control the volume

It would be ideal if when I turn the TV on, the AVR turns on at the same time and also when I turn the TV off.



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Nobody? :(


I'm having the same issue with a Denon Receiver.  The test turns it off, but outside of the test I can only control the volume.  The receiver won't turn on or off with the Samsung OneRemote.

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I have the same issue!

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Same issue with my Onkyo A-9150 amplifier.

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Same issue with my Yamaha TSR-7850.  Tech support must have an answer for this!!!!

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