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1. Where can I see which TV model comes witn OneConnect Box? 

2. If the TV does not come with OneConnect Box which models would be compatible with it?



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Hi @TheHyper , 


Apart from looking through the User Manuals (and obviously if it says it on the product page!), there's currently no way of seeing which UK/Ireland TV models come with a One Connect box.


But I did get the below about the 2018 and 2019 ranges from my AV colleagues:

One Connect Box_UK_2018_2019.jpg


Any other year range of UK/Ireland Samsung TV's you're interested in?


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Superuser I
Superuser I

This site details all  the 2019 models and states if they are compatible with One Connect Box,  however obviously possibility it is not totally accurate. 


I did notice the US samsung site lists the compatible models in a Guide for   The One Connect Box  but can not see anything similar for Uk/Ireland. 

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