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Old A540 series TV digital out not working

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I have a ln46a540p2fxza and I have the Digital Output - Optical - connected to a Panasonic Home Theater System (HTS). 

I'm not using a Soundbar, but the Digital Out works FINE when the TV is set to the PC as the source, but not when it's set to TV.


I spent 30 mins online w/Samsung Chat and they want me to do a Factory Reset, which I might try later. 


Any feedback before I go to that extreme?


ChrisM Moderator

Hi @ssxt.


Did you manage to find a fix for this or are you still having the same issue?

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Nothing new to report. I still need to do the 'factory reset' suggested by SamUNsung support, but haven't. 


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My HTS has an RCA/Composite Audio In, and the Samsung TV has an RCA/Composite Audio OUT, so I hooked that up and now it works- Sound plays from TV thru HTS.

And my PC works thru that option now as well, so I only have to deal w/one connection. 


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