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Nu7302: lipsync issue, sound is before video, ARC

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Good evening,


I have a Samsung NU7302 tv and encounter the following problem: using TV / PS4 application Netflix or watching digital channels on TV directly, the audio is before the video (video is lagged) when outputting the sound to the receiver in ARC or regular HDMI.


The setup is the following: Yamaha rx-v383 receiver connects to TV via HDMI in ARC mode. The receiver is also connected to a PS4 console. The TV software is up to dafe 1152.8.


I have tried the tv speakers, no delay is present. I have switched off video enhancement options (i.e contrast adjustment), the video is delayed.


Also, the receiver has a lipsync adjustment which does absolutely nothing when changing the offset.


No delay was present on my old LG tv.


Do you have any idea what should I do to fix this?


Thank you,

Radu D.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @RaduDr.


Have you tried adjusting the 'Audio Delay' on the TV? Go to Home > Settings > Expert Settings > Audio Delay.

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Hey Chris,


Thank you for replying. Yes I did, however that option is only for SPDIF optical cable.



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