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Now TV Free 3 Months

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Just purchased an eligible UHD TV , but NOWTV do not  recognise my serial number. Phoned Samsung but they cant offer a solution! Any advice please?

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Hey @PJ64134,


Sorry you're having trouble with this. The  Claim a 3 Month NOW TV Entertainment Pass with any 2017 Samsung UHD TV is managed by Now TV directly. 


We recommend reaching out to them here. :smileyhappy:

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I`ve spoken to Samsung who referred me to Now TV, I`ve had a live chat and sent two emails to them with no success! it`s a useless empty offer from Samsung and Now TV ,it does not work and no one has a solution,not surprising as it`s part of Sky.


Every one seems to have lost the ability to understand plain English !

I've also attempted to register my new (and definitely eligible) TV serial number with no success. Did you eventually get anywhere PJ64134?

I’ve got the same problem with the code for nowtv. Not accepting on the Samsung page but will try the nowtv site.


Hi. Just contacted nowtv with no success. They refer me back to Samsung. Need a voucher code for it to work.


Hi folks. Thought I’d join in. Recently bought a Samsung tv from John Lewis with a 3 month entertainment pass. 

Trouble is nowtv would not accept the s/n . To cut a long story short contacted Samsung who passesd the buck to nowtv who passed me back to Samsung. Eventually Samsung tried the s/n in there own system but they failed as well. Eventually John Lewis contacted me to arrange for payment of £7.99 for the 3 months.

 If your having problems signing in to nowtv try contacting John Lewis. When on the phone to them I got the impression i was not the only one having problems and being offered the cost of the 3 month pass.


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Hi not sure if you have resolved this but i contacted NOW TV via the online chat. Details below

Kabir: Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to Kabir. How can I help?

Me: I bought a samsung tv with the 3 month now tv offer but on entering my serial number it was not recognised, despite being a qualified tv

Kabir: Hi there.

Kabir: It's never a nice feeling for me to see our customers held up with such a mere problems.

Kabir: the offer which you are referring to is on Samsung website. The offer was't rolled out by NOW TV and if you face any issues while availing the 3 months offer you need to get in touch with Samsung support and get this sorted. Since, the offer which you're referring to is applicable on only few models of the Samsung Smart TV.

Me: I have been to Samsung and they refer me to you and I have checked on the internet and many others have been caught by the same issue between samsung and now tv. each say it is the others issue to resolve.

Kabir: Please give me moment to check.

Kabir: Did you receive any email from Samsung regarding the offer?

Me: No it is on there website but the link takes me to your site. I bought he TV from a retailer which is advertising the offer.

Kabir: please help with the screenshot of the offer so that I can go ahead and help you with the offer.


Kabir: Thanks a lot.Kabir: Help me with the serial number of your Tv?

Me: Model: UE49MU6400UXXU 
S/N: 0D0X3HGJA??????

Kabir: Thanks.Kabir: Thanks for the details. Do you have a Pc or Mac with you now to sign into NOW TV account?

Me: yes

Kabir: Great.Kabir: I'll help you by issuing you a voucher code for 3 months for Entertainment.Kabir: How does that sound?

Me: Great many thanks.


They then gave me a voucher code which i used and now have the three month pass. 


Hope that helps.

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Yes me to! This is the crappest offer Samsung have ever run!

Had problems with this too, Samsung email support pointed out something, the S/N on the TV's settings menu is different slightly to the actual S/N, you need to knock off the last letter of the S/N that the TV says it is.

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