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No option to scan digital channels


I have an older Samsung TV, just recently I tried connecting it to an exterior antenna to try and catch some free channels, but to no success.

Problem is it won’t let me scan for Digital channels, there is no option to switch to DTV or anything like that. It only scanns for analogue and it’s only in ATV mode.

I’ve tried a lot of things, even factory reset, searched the menu head to toe and found nothing. I’ve even speculated that it might not have a DTV tuner built in, but in specifications found online it says it does have it. Also, according to the manual, it should have an option to switch DTV/ATV and to choose which channels to scan for, digital or analogue. But I can’t see neither on my TV.


Model is UA46D6000SR, any helpful information would be appreciated.



Here are some pictures from the channel menu












Have you moved? Try a factory reset and try a fresh setup and see if that works. Make sure all the region settings are correct. Sometimes the aerial may need upgrading to receive a good digital signal

Yes, the tv was moved and actually wasn’t used some time. I tried factory reset multiple times, tried to set it up from scratch at least a dozen times but no use.


I noticed ( and you can see it in the poctures), when I start the Auto Tune, it jumps from step 1 to step 4 (the green line at the top indicates steps), so I’m guessing the options to choose whether to scan for Antena or Cable and Digital or Analogue should be in steps 2 and 3. Any clue why it would do so? And I haven’t even found anything like that online.

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I have the same problem and when I asked around, someone told me that models with the letter R do not have DTS mode, hence no digital channels

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