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No image on Frame 55", only a blue glow and audio




Last week we have bought the Samsung Frame 55" and installed it correctly according to the manual using the no-gap mount. This week, however, the television won't turn on properly. When I turn it on the screen gives a blue glow with no image on it, the sound, on the other hand, is passing through. At rare occasions, the picture does come up and continues to been shown until the television goes on standby or turns off again. Between the moments the image shows up the cables or devices haven't been touched which make me believe this is a software fault.


The TV is running on the latest software update; there is no new one when checking for updates. I've already tried to unplug all the cables of the TV and the One Connect box with no result. The television itself does come up with the image that the "invisible" cable is not connected when I unplug that one.


Does someone else have this problem and what can I do to solve this?

Thanks in advance!


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Hey @Niekess! Do you  know if your software is up to date? Please head to: Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now or Auto update.


Also make sure that the AC power cord is securely plugged in to the TV and the wall outlet. Check that the wall outlet is working and the power indicator on the TV is lit and glowing a solid red.


If the issue is still occurring, please call our Audio-Visual Team for further troubleshooting on: 0330 SAMSUNG (726 7864)  - Monday to Sunday | 8am to 10pm. 


Hey CarolinaW,


As I mentioned in my post, I'm running the latest software on the television. I'm also pretty sure that the power is there since there are sounds and the blue glowing backlight on the screen. The tv also runs without problem when an image does show up.


I'll contact the audio-visual team on Monday, but if someone else has this issue or knows a solution, then I would love to hear that as well. :-)

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I had the same thing happen over the weekend. One forum I read suggested it might be the Optical Cable (thin white one), fingers crossed that's all it is. Please keep me posted!

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what was the ultimate solution for this issue?  I am experiencing it now.  My Frame TV worked for a week, now I have the exact issues you describe.  Samsung has been less than helpful.  I tried a new One Connect box and cable, which did not fix the issue.  I hope your situation got resolved.


Hi Bryon,


After having contact with support a mechanic came to our house and switched the One Connect cable with a new one; this solved the issue. It appears to be that within the cable itself there's a circuit board which according to him has the reputation to be broken.


Weird that a new cable didn't help for you... maybe that one is broken as well? Perhaps try to keep the power off from the devices when replacing the cable for a minute or so, maybe this power-reset will help you.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. Glad to hear you tv is up and working. I’m in the service visit queue now, so hopefully the repairman can fix my tv, as well.

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