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No Freeview?

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Hi all,


I recently purchased a HD SMART TV model no.UE49K5600


It cannot access any freeview channels.

I don’t have cable or wireless just yet - not that I should need either?


I purchased an indoor digital aerial. It is connected.


No matter what I do I cannot auto tune any channels. I live in North London and the checks online I have done indicate it is in a good area for freeview.


I am autotuning as per the manual – very straight forward. Still, no channels found.


Is there something I am missing?


I do not recall TV ever being this difficult to receive. I find it difficult to accept that now, cause of where I live – no freeview. Or that I have redecorate my room to accommodate a signal.


Seems a step backwards.


Anyway, if anyone has had a similar issue – I would love to understand how you solved it.


Many thanks

TracyR Moderator

Hey @TommyTV.


Are you still experiencing this issue?


What software version do you having installed?

Settings > Support > Contact Samsung.


Have you tried using a terrestrial aerial with a coaxial cable?



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