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Night Mode on The Frame (Improvement Idea)


I live in an open plan apartment and there are many places in which i can see The Frame TV without being in its "line of sight" therefore rendering the Motion Sensing capability a no-go for me.


As I am not using the motion sensing I decided to opt for night mode, however one thing that bugs me is that this puts the TV well and truly into Standby - what would be a good improvement would be that if once the light level in the room increased a certain level that art mode was reinstated. At present i have to turn the TV on and then set it to art mode every morning. 


On the note of Standby, I note after the TV has been on standby over a certain amount of time neither the SmartThings App nor my Smart Speaker (Echo) can power the TV on. I assume this is as wifi is powered off to save power, but it would be good if this stayed available... does anyone know if this is appeased using a wired LAN connection so that it can be powered on using Wake-on-LAN?

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100% agree at mode should come back on in the morning.  In fact Samsung's website says it should but their support staff has told me it doesn't.  Not sure which is true but it also does not seem to work for me.  At least not consistently 

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