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Night Mode on The Frame (Improvement Idea)

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I live in an open plan apartment and there are many places in which i can see The Frame TV without being in its "line of sight" therefore rendering the Motion Sensing capability a no-go for me.


As I am not using the motion sensing I decided to opt for night mode, however one thing that bugs me is that this puts the TV well and truly into Standby - what would be a good improvement would be that if once the light level in the room increased a certain level that art mode was reinstated. At present i have to turn the TV on and then set it to art mode every morning. 


On the note of Standby, I note after the TV has been on standby over a certain amount of time neither the SmartThings App nor my Smart Speaker (Echo) can power the TV on. I assume this is as wifi is powered off to save power, but it would be good if this stayed available... does anyone know if this is appeased using a wired LAN connection so that it can be powered on using Wake-on-LAN?

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