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New update MU series


Disney plus UK? Not had any update UK as yet. 

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Sorry I’m in Canada forgot to mention

ahh silly me. Didn't even realize this is a EU board. I am in US. 


Wow, no kidding. I didn't either

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Whilst everyone is welcome here and Moderators/users can give advice , specialised support is focused on Europe and this is UK/ireland  Board.


For reference Canadian site here : 







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For me, when the TV was using 1270, the TV wireless was not able to connect to a Ubiquity AC-Pro AP & a USG device over only 5GHz.  I had to downgrade Ubiquity WiFi 5Ghz setting to a lower performance before it was could lease an IP address.  


After the 1280 update, I was able to connect again using the higher performance setting which I think Samsung had tweak the TV wireless drivers.


@juanelo wrote:

No visible changes and still no HDR10+

On german forum said mod that the MU series already support hdr10+.


Hoy do I look for that forum?

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