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New update MU series




I aslo did a manual service reset using the BN59 remote that came with my telly.


Turn TV off for a couple of minutes then press info-->settings-->mute-->power on the remote. This should take the TV to the service menu, then select Factory reset. DO NOT be tempted to change any other settings in the service menu as this maybe damage the TV or void its warranty.


Whether the factory reset solves the green flashes that I don't know yet.


I've done a Fa ctory Reset on my MU7070 twice now due to the problems with update 1262, and at the end of it it has left the firmware intact (i have a copy of firmware 1250 on a memstick) so no joy there. Whatever the tech bods did with firmware update 1250 was outstanding. i had zero problems with it, no green flashes, but now i have 1262 installed, the picture quality has been rolled back and i'm getting the occasional green flash!


I bought the screen in december 2017, any ideas on how to roll back the firmware, or websites that have another copy of the file so i can check i've got the right one?


I can confirm that performing a factory reset from the service menu does not fix the green flashes for me.


@Zzzzzzz has it fixed it for you?





I'm afraid it is not possible to downgrade the firmware on your TV. I would download firmware updates only from the Samsung website, as dodgy software could "brick" your TV.


Thanks for the feedback, appreciate that. So even if i have an engineer come out to work on the screen he can't reset the firmware to the base model (whatever that was when i purchased the screen?)


What exactly is causing the problem? The worst (now fixed!) issue i had was the screen blacking out whilst playing video games that ran at 60fps, that's been resolved, now this!


I hope that Samsung don't consider this to be the end of the road. I've been told that there will be no more firmware updates for my Samsung 4k blu ray player...   UBD K8500 :( 




I think you hit the nail on the head there. There will come a point when Samsung will stop developing firmware updates for the MU series (2017 models). We need to keep this thread alive and report any issues as soon as possible with the hope that Samsung developers/engineers are monitoring the thread.


Absolutely! The removal of the green flash should be top priority, followed by implementation of what a video editor associate is calling 'fully rendered vertical sync frames' meaning that the image quality we saw on update 1250 was from each individual frame being fully rendered and then placed in sequence. (which happens the majority of the time in 30fps video games, which is why they look so sharp.)


I'm not considering this matter closed. I'll be making contact with Samsung to resolve the issue until it's done. If this means remote assistance, an engineer call-out at THIER expense or a fully tested firmware update before the end of the financial year, then whatever it takes. 1250 was perfect. 1262 is not! We're not settling for problems caused by thier software engineering team!  


I would love to see an official response from Samsung on this matter.


Why are they absent from a thread  like this with more than 400 messages and over 7000 views?


We buy their TVs, troubleshoot their buggy software,  post messages on their forums. How difficult is it for someone from the Tizen team to let us know whether they are aware and/or are working to fix the issues that are reported here?



I find the green flash very intermittent some days nothing then others alot of times a day
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I sold my samsung tv and bought a fresh new LG. To my surprise, not only they don't mess up your device, but they include a change log when you update the software. That is called respect for your users/buyers, learn something about it, samsung!

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