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New update MU series


Typical Samsung don't put out what the update does , probably nothing changes , they just give it a new number to make it look like there's an update lol 

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From Spain Here, New Update 1240 for  UE55MU6105, I don't know yet what are the changes, but I can see better colors, so far no new changes to the menu and options.



I see more colours too now, in the form of flashes now, in new update, instead of white ones.

No changes yet with my MU6470...Updated to 1240 anyhow after slecting to Update Later...
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Not a great deal of difference with my MU6400, however on reflection a bit brighter with regular settings in Movie Mode.


As others have said, I’m noticing a bit more vibrant color. Reds and oranges seem to pop a tad more than before. 


mine updated yesterday and i can say i notice no difference, so most probably nothing major done.


My MU6600 Just updated and I got black flash within five minutes of having PC on through it, it only ever flashed before on PS4 PRO and then it would only do it twice in 30 minutes and not do it again until TV turned off.


After last two updates I was sometimes getting colour lines pixel wide from top to bottom like the colour is out of line but only happened about twice a week and when it did happen it was after pressing home button but after turning TV off and on again it wouldn't happen for few days, lets hope this new update fixes it.


ZACHSP8, color lines - there is no possibility to eliminate it programmatically, by updating the firmware. This is a hardware defect in the matrix. In any case, your TV will come to an end.


New to the forum but have just come back from holiday to see my 55MU7070 has updated to 1240.7

Hard to say what it's improved but I've now had to turn my brightness down on night time viewing.

Picture seems sharper and a lot brighter. Especially HDR where I've found it to be very dark before.

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