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New update MU series


Hi @Zzzzzzz

I’ll check tonight and let you know although my TV is a different model. (MU6470)



Just went through Remote Managment regarding the flashes.The agent reset the ports so will monitor for the next seven days to see if the flashes reappear..Fingers and toes crossed..


@Gerrymac they did this to my TV resetting the ports but it never fixed the issue for me sorry to let u know 

In take it your still experiencing the flashes then?
I,'ll wait and see what happens in the next week..Thanks for the heads up

@Gerrymac yes mate i think the issues been going on since October If u put it in pc mode on all the hdmi it seems to fix the issue but at the loss of picture quality 


@Gerrymac @ some people have reported the 1262 as stoped the flashes for them but I think it must be TV model dependent as it certainly didn't fix my issue

My TV has the latest update..1262 so I,'ll see what happens..


My MU6470 has  not had the green flashing issue after the last update with my xbox one x




That's good news. I still get them with my Nvidia Shield TV but less frequiently. It looks like v1262 is a step to the right direction. Hopefully Samsung will solve it once and forall in the next firmware update.


Can we safely assume now that the "green flashes" it's a software issue and not hardware?


I have 2 MU7000's both on 1262 and I dont get green or white flashes on my Xbox One X anymore. I seem them here and there in Amazon Prime. Also if im streaming 4K HDR content from our netowrk (ie. not streaming from interent) I dont have any issues with flashing. Sorry you guys cant use your devices. 

On a side note with this update it has improved the ammount of green flashes in Amazon prime app but theyre not gone.

When we first got the green flashes it was here and there, then after the next update it was every couple of minutes that we were getting them so i think it has improved over time. I guess we all just play the waiting game. 

Also on the note of someone having a guy come out and "upgrade" the board probably means theyre just replacing it with the same thing or youre a lucky one. 

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