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New update MU series


Hi @Badluck 

many thanks for letting me know. 


How good is it to watch movies with hdmi set to pc mode?


@vangeliis i would say that the picture quality is slightly worse in pc mode but Its probably best u check and see what u own opinion is


I can confirm the latest firmware (v1262) does NOT seem to fix the green flashes (in SDR and HDR mode), but rather reduce them.


My setup:

Nvidia ShieldTV-->Onkyo A/V-->MU6470


Keep on trying Samsung!! 

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I have the MU6070 here is the USA

I purchased Smart IPTV just a month ago

I risked taking the 1262.0 update today


It was not removed...

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After update to 1262 my MU8002 don't want to read data from usb memory stick. Restore to factory settings didn't help. Do you have sama problem? Pease help

Is it possible to downgrade 1262 to lower version? If yes how?

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Hello, I just want to say to everyone, if you have a warrenty still on your TV, call Samsung. They are giving people Hardware Upgrades, they recently came to my place and switched out a part inside my TV to the latest hardware series for free. 

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Do you have a part number for the part being replaced/upgraded?

Main board?


what model of tv?  what was the reason beind the call to samsung

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Excuseme, what hardware part they are updating? what was your problem with your tv?

Thank you
I too have had the update..1262 and still the flashing still persists.Is there anything that can be done with this?What about the last comment about A Hardware Change...Does this solve this issue?
My TV is still under a year old might look into having it exchanged..



What’s your game console?

i haven’t tried to change the hardware setting, so don’t know but now that Samsung have identified the issue hopefully they will come up with a permanent solution. 

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