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New update MU series

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Superuser I

@Badluck wrote:

Thank you you've been a lot more helpful than Samsung's support who told me I couldn't even do a update on a usb drive on a Mac which I just done and worked fine 

Hi @Badluck Glad you have found the forum to your liking     It used to the the case that the firmware updates were only compatible with Windows devices  but see notes now say all operating  systems and therefore should be fine for Macs.

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Hello dear community
I have one question : Is there any trick or a hidden menu to activate the PIP in our MU7000 ?
I have a Samsung MU7000 and in the e-manual i have the PIP on it
But in the menu : nothing
In the e-manual, they say that the availability of this option may depends on the geographical area ... so I’m asking if there is a trick to activate this option by changing the area in the secret menu.
Thanks in advance


Hi I've still been getting green flashes on the PS4 after updating to the latest filmware 1262.0 my TV is 55mu6400



i am new to samsung and i wanted to know what does the firmware update does to tv? i have seen comments here that firmware updates have removed previously installed apps like smart-iptv which is insane considering the fact that samsung does not have any decent iptv apps on the store infact this app is 1 of 2 available.

so can anyone confirm what does the firmware update does to the tv?

It's the Operating System of the TV. It's like Windows or Linux for your PC.
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Samsung also updates your freakin operating system even if I have set "automatic update" to disabled. Thanks a bunch, can't wait to sell it and jump to LG. Samsung couldn't care less about it's customers.


MU6100 fw 1262

I also have green flashes, but they have become much smaller. I want to make a hard reset through the engineering menu, maybe it will help, but not sure.



If 1262.0 is available for your region on the website then download it, extract it to a USB stick, plug it into a USB port on your TV, go to options and system update, select update now and when it asks to search usb drive for firmware click yes. 1262.0 completely fixes green flashes. 


@Badluck @ I have a Xbox One X and I don't have the issues anymore. It's either specific to the ps4 now or maybe your hdmi cable? 

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