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Hi I've been getting green flashes sometimes other colours white and black on my PS4 fire stick and my playstation mini classic basically I have the issue with anything I connect through HDMI is this the filmware or does the TV need repairing it seem to work fine when I first had then the issues must of started around the 1250 update as I noticed it when playing red dead redemption which came out in October 


hey, i was experiencing the same issues with my xbox one X, after the latest update 1262.0 everything seeems to be working fine now




No need for repairs it's a firmware issue. Go to the support website and enter in the model number and download the new firmware and extract it to a USB drive and plug it into your TV, then go into the menus and select update and it'll ask if you want to update from USB. Select yes and it'll do its thing. The newest firmware fixes the green flashes ect....  


Thank you you've been a lot more helpful than Samsung's support who told me I couldn't even do a update on a usb drive on a Mac which I just done and worked fine 


Np that's what forums are for haha. We're probably the test dummys for samsung because we post updates after every update here. 


Haha keep up the good work I wish id found this forum 3 months ago 

And please @Badluck.... use punctuation marks. It is difficult to make out what you are trying to say.
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I have been following this thread for ages. I can confirm that on my setup this newest software has sorted my colour flashes on all hdmi inputs. It used to do it with my sky Q (hdmi 1) and xbox one x (hdmi 2)


Firmware  1262.0  now available on UK website, installed.


12 month's ago I had the flash but Samsung repaired the whole TV just leaving me eoth original plastic back, PSU however this replacement screen was awful had bad banding.


Engineer came out took photos but refused to take video, agreed he saw bsmding, but later lied on his report no repair required.


After weeks of arguing with the CEO department they agreed a brand new replacement, the replacement came eith firmware 1240, and never saw a flash at all.


So bare in mind if this new one does not fix the flash could be hardware.


Another tip anyone has a vitgin V6 box on some channels you may see a slight graphic judder at the top of the screen all the way slong or down the left hand side.


To cure this go into picture settings, make sure fit to screen is off


Just to add to this thread, I have an MU6120, I've had issues with it since an update was released earlier last year (the date and version of which escapes me at the moment) my 'system' comprises of a Roku 4k streaming stick, an Onkyo A/V Receiver and of course the MU6120, everything was working fantastice until the said update release then I started getting HDCP related errors and my Roku wasn't able to lock on to 4k 60Hz HDR and every power on of my equipement forced the Roku to switch to auto detect, it always detected the right display but the automation of it was inducing delays into the start of the media (very annoying to say the least) what has compounded the issue was that when that update was released all three components had updates in the same week, so to pinpoint what was going on has been a right royal pain, Roku say it's not an issue with the Stick, and likewise with Onkyo and Samsung about their devices.

Fast forward to last night and I settled down to watch the new series of The Grand Tour on Amazon in UHD HDR it was during that that I started getting green flashes (this is with the latest 1262 TV firmware) and constant black screens. Decided to try and watch it on the TV's built-in Amazon app and watched from start to finish in UHD HDR without a hitch (apart from a slight suttering on the screen which lasts about 3 to 4 seconds and occurs about every 25 minutes which has been ongoing since I first got the set (again Samsung refuse to achknowledge that there's an issue and keep on sending me around in circles with diagnostics tests)

So apart from the stutter the flashes, black screen and HDCP issues all appear to be with HDMI, I use HDMI 3 on my set because it's the only port that supports Audio Return Channel (ARC) I have tested the other ports on the TV all with the same result.


I keep hoping that updates will adress this issue but it hasn't as yet, for me at least.


When the set is working though I'm happy even though The 6120 isn't or wasn't a top-of-the-line set.... now if only we could get it all working as it should.


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