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Have reset the TV (MU6470) to factory settings.The only thing I have changed is from Movie to Natural which give the screen a brighter look. Auto-motion is Off.

Will monitor too see if the Flashing still occurs..As for the lip-sync it seems to be ok...I take it the default setting is 40ms on this model?




After the latest update on my MU6470 the HDR when used correctly IE it's a HDR film/game the picture quality certainly has improved I found that I still get the odd green flash but only after playing a game for ages and in 4k I have not noticed any other flashing apart from the green ones.



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I encountered a problem. Ihave  a 75mu7002 tv and the problem is the following: 

Netflix doesnt work, app download from store doesnt work if i use my edgerouter lite 3 with hardware offload feature turned on. If i disable the hardware offload for ppoe and nat netflix works perfectly on the tv. If i share internet using my phone netflix works as well.


From other devices like xbox, pc phone, and tablet netflix works wlvery well with my edgerouter and the hardware offload feature turned on. The only problem is with my tv. This is a known issue and on the internet i ffound articles about this and everybody is saying that with samsung and with android tv they have the same issue.


Question is do samsung kknow about is issue and is there a plan to solve this issue or i am the first one writing about this here?


My problem ia that if i turn off the hw offload feature i i c only use 200megabit of my 1 gigabit connection :( .before buying a new router or a new tv i wanted to do some research with samesung and ubiquiti( ederouter). Ubiquiti said on its forum that it is an android tv bug. So i am trying to get some info here as well


My Netflix was locked up and wouldn’t do anything. I unplugged the tv, waited a couple of minutes and plugged it back in. All was well after that. 


Well, still getting colour flashes with latest update after a complete reset.


Doesn't like The Bodyguard, god knows why. Lot of darkish scenes though?


Running out if ideas.


Looking to sell it and get a Samsung FHD 50M5500. Does this one have flashes too?


Tbh I'd sell it and buy another make , I won't buy another Samsung TV mainly because of the judder issue 


I have found the dark scene issue occurs of I choose a channel after using game mode with my Xbox. I solved this by choosing terrestrial TV then go to the desired app or other channel and the darkness bug does not happen


Which other make?


What is the dark scene issue?

It's like eco mode is on within certain scenes even though it's off. Game mode has this issue. Mu6470

What is the judder issue?

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