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New update MU series


Had the new update from last Tuesday(1240)...Screen flashing at times now..white/colour flash...lip sync out a second or to while watching recorded programmes thru a HD Box.

Would this "flash" be a fault within the TV..if so What a the next stage?

I have read thru some of the forum and it's an on going problem.. Will see if it persists.



Did it not flash before then?


The white screen flashes seems to on a few of 4K models.


I've never noticed flashing on my 55MU7070. 


Are they very subtle or would they be quite noticeable?


They are very noticeable, but only last for a split second when a scene changes from dark to bright or visa versa.


What picture mode are you using and what are yorur settings?

Give me 5 as on PS4 currently
Picture settings.

Mode = movie
Backlight = 20 (can be adjusted to suit)
Brightness = 1
Contrast = 86
Sharpness = 20
Colour = 70

Local Dining = high
Contrast enhancer = low

Colour tone = standard
BT.1886 = 1

White balance and Colour space settings are taken from the calibration settings.

Movie Mode can make the white flashes more common.

Really. I've never noticed them if I'm honest.

But what settings are recommended to use
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I have 1240 listed as my current version and tried updating via USB to 1240.4 and its saying I have no new updates.  Dont they usually list out the full version? So shouldnt this be a new one? 

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