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@kjkjk32 wrote:

HDR10+   I have IN MY  screen.


Can you pls tell me what telly you have and what and where is rendered on your screen.

On amazon prime and youtube you can find hdr10+.




I used to comment on this forum all the time when i first got my TV last year hoping to get hdr10+ as they promised, sorry to be berry bad news but we are not getting it! Not airplay, no hdr10+, alexa or any other updates, VIZIO updated or their tvs from 2016, so they can get airplay, Samsung only cares about money and not for the customers, I Jumped ship yesterday I got my a OLED C9 with alexa, airplay and soon GSYNC, I used to think that Samsung was a good brand but I’m so disappointed that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone!


This TV was said to be receiving VRR support as well. That did not happen. Also the HDR10+ feature was never added. The internal video player has lost support for certain video and audio formats. The HDR green flashes haven't been fixed and "future updates" really haven't been scheduled or supporting the issues that have come to light. I've been looking around at new TV's to upgrade to but most aren't worth the money due to lower luminance or issues with burn in (I play video games). Basic Dolby and dtsx support always cause issues due to old formats being supported but not new. At one point there was a VLC player app on the tizen store to alievate issues with the internal player but that was stripped from the app store. I have a lot of issues with the 2 tv's I own but I really try to not complain or make federal cases out of simple things like this but here we are 2 years later with no support. 


My tv is a 2017 QLED QN55Q6FAMFXZA otherwise known as Q6F Special Edition a 120 Hz tv 10 bit with wide color gamut but no HDR10+ what I see on the gama is just BT.2084 regular HDR no 2094 option neither on YouTube samples  nor on Amazon video. What a dissappointment!


my tv Q9FN  QLED   2018  WITH  10 plus 

no have 2094 option !

There are no HDR10 + streaming movies  
There are no HDR10 + pirated movies  ( if HDR10 + listing also turns out to be informative media only hdr10 )


Samsung's biggest problem  non-eARC 

All Atmos broadcasts do not work on Samsung TVs!
And Samsung doesn't care!


The very simple solution for Samsung to do  its device is to "move on" to AVR
Without signal analysis


Can Anyone start a petition for an HDR10+ update?


You see, even the 2018 flagship the Q9FN doesn't have HDR10+!!

if your TV is not it the list then forget about it!
looks like yours does, try playing amazon prime content and see what you got..

I get regular HDR Tag and on expert settings> gamma It shows BT.2084 

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