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New update MU series

[49MU6100(1270.3)+HDsatbox+firestick2gen] Just pitching in. Over this weekend I got flashed twice from the firestick input. Albeit not green but blueish in tone this time. Before the update, it would've been blinding chroma green three times as much. Not nearly as annoying. Probably not solved either.
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Seems new firmware upgrade has changed colour sttettings?

Colours seem much brighter. It took some time to tweak white balance on movie mode to achieve right skin tones.

Maybe you can explain if you experience same?






It has for me as well. I wouldn't say much though. I can't go back to 1262 but to your point I took brightness (black level) one notch down to compensate. I don't know if you watch game of thrones. But the third episode of this cluster***** of a season finale was pitch black dark. It was hardly watchable. Especially in daylight. Well, as I did, if you rewatch now you'll be able to see much more this time. Too bad that just gave more reasons to hate this season:_(


Hi, there is new  Version1260.8 on the Samsung Support site:


Anyone please know the changelog?

Thank you


This is for the NU series.



Probably adds support for Airplay 2 as @robtoledo23 was told a couple of weeks ago.


Please confirm.

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I was checking the firmware file and it say 1270.3 JUNE 4, 2019. Is it the firmware file with airplay ? That we’re talking before?


thank you 


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someone updated KS9500? New ver. 1240.0 


@dragen This thread is for the MU series.

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Mine is doing the same.

Do you think the update included a video prossesing update?


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