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New update MU series

Should i download it from the UK website?? LOL
(ue55mu7000) on the dutch samsung supportsite the upgrade 1270.3 is also available (usb) , but no changelog.

I don't think that's a good idea. You may want to wait for the update to be released on the US site.



You say the green flashes issue was fixed for you. Please can you give us more info:

TV model, FW version, game's console, settings, etc? 


I still get flashes with my shieldTV which is very very annoying.


@carlitosmu9000 wrote:

USA website still showing version 1262 date Jan 09.2019, green flashes were fix  on this update atleast for me, let me know what's new on it, i guess i just keep waiting! LOL

Green flashes fixed, our site shows old version but if you hover the mouse over the download link it will show the version number that your OS will grab, if using android long press and select copy link location and paste it into a text and see that way. 


This update seems alot smother the ARC bug which when  I moved from a different source the TV sound came back on and stopped using tje soundbar output (fingers crossed)

I don't think apart from a forum user once (found on an obscure website) has a detailed change log ever been posted by Samsung

It would be nice to know what was fixed and also what is been worked on for the next FW release

I've updated my TV (MU6102) to 1270.3 and everything is ok. I don't see any change, but the TV is still stable


Unless someone can specifically tell me of actual picture upgrades for 4K playback, then i'm leaving the Firmware on my MU7070 exactly as it is. As the well-worn phrase goes "If it isn't broke don't fix it."


Having said that, if Samsung have re-implemented the vertical sync imaging, then it would be nice to know if that's now featured... 


Maybe  a small breakthrough with regard to the green flashes issue.



TV: MU6470 (UK model), FW1270.3

game console:Nvidia ShieldTV connected via HDMI shieldtv-->Onkyo A/V-->TV (HDMI ARC)


I was getting green (and other colour) flashes ever since I connected my shieldtv and played back using PLEX, Netfilx or Amamzon prime apps. Resetting the TV to factory settings after every FW update never helped.


Couple of days ago I changed the external device mode to game mode -as somebody else reported that it fixes the green flashes issue, but when I relaised that game mode does not support HDR playback -at least on my TV, I changed it back.

Since then I don't get flashes any more!! Not sure why that is, but maybe somebody can try to replicate this?


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How come this update isn't available via online update?


Also, does this update add Apple TV app which supports Airplay 2 etc, I read about Samsung TVs being the only ones to support this at first. 

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