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New TV, Connection to old DVD/Home cinema system

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I have just bought a new Samsung 4k TV and all is good until I connect my six year old Home cinema/DVD. Which ever of the three HDMI ports I use the picture jumps about all over the place. Any ideas?

AndrewL Moderator
@Ian318: What is the model number of your TV and Home Cinema system? Can you try connecting with an alternate HDMI cable to see if the issue persists?
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Hi I will try a new HDMI lead at the weekend, meanwhile the TV is UE43NU712 and the DVD is HT-TZ325R/XEU

ChrisM Moderator

Let us know how you get on with the different cable when you get chance, @Ian318

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Hi, We tried a new HDMI lead and there was no difference, so we connected the old TV back up just to check the DVD player and that worked fine. Finally we connected a recent laptop to the new TV using the old HDMI cable to see what kind of picture we got and that was fine, I guess that proved the HDMI port on the TV was ok. So it seems that the two machines are not compatible. We have had further discussions with specialist staff in the shops and they have no idea. We have now bougt a new sound bar and Bluray player, not an expense we had bargained for, lets hope that when we get around to setting them up that will solve the problem


Is it possible that the chief culprit is the too old DVD? It might be copyright protected or physically damaged, which cause the failure of DVD playback on  your samsung 4k TV. Another case might be the video connecting cable or the playback settings on your TV. Check again! Or this guide from google search result probably helps you

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