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New Series 7 Does not support vidoes


My new LG plays everything my Series 6 plays if that helps...?

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Sat 21st March 2020... UK

I'm in the same boat, Samsung series 6 was perfect, played absolutely everything,

AVI, MKV, MP4 etc 

My new 7 series Samsung TV will NOT play AVI.

I've spoken to Samsung customer service 4 times since buying the TV and all they have done is lied to me and told me they would fix things for me but all they did was take me out of the 28 days to get a refund from Argos... I think they're in it together.

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I'm thinking about not buying samsung products anymore too, Every room in my home has Samsung tv's including kitchen, we all have new samsung mobiles regular... But after the treatment I've had from Samsung customer service, promised to ring me back 3 times... Never have...

I think I won't bother with Samsung products anymore.


I'm exactly the same. Contacted them several times promised they'd come back to me. That it was escalated to their tech team. That an update would come. That was  last year. I've officially given up on Samsung. I've four TVs in the house. My parents 2. All Samsung. Even my fridge is Samsung. NEVER ever again will I buy their products.


It made sense for me to download all my stuff again as mp4 for all my blu rays and dvds. Mp4 works well with Apple and I have a lot of Apple stuff. Also compressed better so it saved a lil space. This took months and TBs of internet bandwidth. Nothin that's AVI works on these newer sets, or wmv many audio codecs aren't supported either. No Divx. I think dts, DD and and host of others. Basically the safe bet is 2 channel standard audio which is a JOKE. 

Best I can figure Samsung went cheap on components of which will never support avi, divx, dts etc and we pay the price. That price being higher than LG and other manufacturers which do. And like you my time to return the tv has passed thanks to their abysmal customer service 

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Very sad day superbhd, sounds like they're reading off a script of how to get rid of unhappy customers.
They said to you exactly what they said to me..
I Am VERY disappointed, sounds like there could be an easy fix to this but Samsung just don't seem to care, this WILL cost them dearly in the UK.
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