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Netflix No Longer Supported on Some older Samsung Tv's

Superuser I
Superuser I

Word that unfortunately Netflix will not be supported on some older sets   directly with   the  Smart Hub - from 1 December.   This is apparently due to technical limitations, Samsung not the only company affected.   However consumers will still be able to use the likes of connected Media Players, Game Consoles and Set Top Boxes.


At the moment there seems to be little detail on the sets which will be incompatible, an error message will be  displayed when trying to connect but should hopefully be more information beforehand. 

SaudA Moderator

Hi @JAMES4578

Thanks for that heads up. Just got a bit more info on this, the change will affect C, D range TVs, along with C, and D range BD Player and Home Theatre systems. Basically, it seems to be affecting mainly 2010 and 2011 devices.

Will keep you guys posted if there's an update.

EDIT: This is NOT the case, and this issue is only affecting those models in the USA and Canada. UK and ROI models will not be affected.

Superuser I
Superuser I

Thanks @SaudA ,    According to Digital Trends some older Roku Devices affected and they have a list of some of them 

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