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NU8000 weird distortion

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Laat night I was watching Netflix on my PC which I run through my NU8000 and the screen flashed up a UHD color detection menu (I wasn't able to capture the text as it flashed so quickly) and then this screen. I was still able to hear the audio so I tried to swap sources using voice but was met with a split screen. I turned off the TV and unplugged it from power both at the back and from the power outlet. I also swapped HDMI cables and got varying lengths of time where the screen would go back to normal before showing this screen again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi @djmercy8! While the screen of the TV is flashing different colours like in the picture, if you press the Home button on your remote, can you see the menu on the screen? Also, turn your TV off using the standby button > Then unplug your TV > Wait 30 seconds and plug your TV back in > Then switch your TV on using the standby button. Does it help?



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I cannot see or bring up the TV menu when this occurs. It made it an entire day without doing this and then it occurred again this morning. I did attempt to unplug from power for 30 seconds and plug back in. When I turned it back on there was a black screen but still no menu could be viewed. After several more unplugging the hdmi cable and power cord the TV returns to normal but I can't be sure for how long. Any suggestions? There is usually an information screen that I havent been able to capture with a phot that says the TV is trying to adjust the picture quality. 

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