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NU7100 firmware 1202.3 update has caused power-on/blank screen issue


Since the latest firmware (1202.3) my 55NU7100 has developed an issue. Basically, if using HDMI 1-2-3, when I power on the TV, I get a black screen (no smart hub/no picture). The TV is on, I can hear sounds when I press remote buttons, but the screen is not showing a picture.


The solution to temporarily fix this issue is to turn the TV back off & on OR to power on the TV by pressing a channel button (instead of power button) which launches into the DTV, that doesn’t exhibit the blank screen issue (experienced when using HDMI 1-2-3). It seems the latest firmware brought with it a HDMI handshake fail problem.


I thought I’d check to see if anyone else here is having this problem &/or has found a solution. A few people on avsforums/ have indicated they have the same issue since firmware 1202.3, on both the NU7100 & NU8000. I've contacted Samsung but they won’t allow me to rollback the firmware and won’t confirm if/when a new firmware will come and if it does, whether it will address this problem.




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FW 1251 arrived today (in Australia). I have given it a few tries & at this early stage, it appears the power-on/blank screen issue is not present. I will test it out over the next few days and see if the issue has been fully rectified. I'm keen to hear from others.

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Hi @sinners007.


Did our Support Team run through any troubleshooting steps with you to try to fix the issue?


Yes they did. We factory reset the TV, tried to update the firmware via USB (unsuccessfully as the TV is already on the latest firmware), tested different HDMI cables & different devices. Nothing worked. FW 1202.3 has "broken" a number of TV sets around the world. 


Not allowing us to roll back to a proper working FW is very disappointing.




It appears this issue has already been reported in this thread over at the Samsung US forums, albeit for a NU8 series TV. Reading thru the varous threads, it seems the issue occurs across all Samsung 2018 TVs (NU7, NU8, QF series). There is a "fix" suggested, although Samsung told me if I attempt it myself, it would void the warranty. Let's hope they push out a firmware update shortly.

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Same problem, same tv! Samsung please fix this.

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I've the same probleme with an 43 inch 7100 on 1202.3 firmware, i hope they will fix it soon!!!

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I'm having the same exact problem. I just bought the TV last week and thought my remote was the problem, since the TV would only turn on after pressing the power button a few times. But then I noticed that I could hear the menu noise. Which made me realize the screen was the only thing that wasn't on. I hope this is a firmware problem and not something with the tv itself.


A user at claimed the issue only occured in GAME mode. I ran some tests and can concur this is accurate. Even if nothing is plugged into the HDMI cable, if the HDMI port is assigned to GAME mode, the blank screen issue occurs. If GAME mode is turned off, the issue disappears. Definite software bug.

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Same problem over here. Just bought the 58NU7100 and noticed this problem after playing and turning of the console/tv and the next time no image at all just the apps sound. 

I hope samsung fixes this as soon as possible, because I don't want to return this tv.


If you leave the TV in terristeral mode just before you switch the TV off, then it turns on first time every time.  Not ideal but a workaround until we get a fix

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