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Missing screen stand for U28D590D

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Apologies if this belongs in another subforum, but it seemed the best fit.


I'm being given an old screen which never ended up being used, however at some point during the packing process the stand managed to disappear and it is now past warranty.


I've had a look around, and have been unable to find a stand that matches the original, nor any part number for the stand. I was wondering if it's possible for me to buy a replacement stand somewhere, either the same model or something that would fit. Looks don't matter, as long as it can keep the screen upright and in place.


For reference, the screen in question is this one:


I live in Denmark, so a shop anywhere in Europe would be preferable of course.



EmmaS Moderator

Hey MO87!


Welcome to the Community, and thanks for posting. 


We're only able to offer advice when it comes to UK models. Our friends in Denmark would be the best people to speak to. They don't have a Community, but we're sure if your contacted their AV product support, they will be happy to help! 



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