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Missing HDR feature


Just bought my second 4k hdr tv from samsung. Or so i thought. Both are 7000 series. this one being newer 2019 model UE43RU7020. It is a low end model granted. But it had HDR and 4k which i wanted. 


No where can i find a HDR setting on this TV, its written on the box, just not on the software it seems. I can find it easily on my 2018 model, HDR works fine on that tv. This one just goes black screen or to source selection screen if i try to enable a hdr signal.


So im using the wrong type of hdmi cable i hear? that wouldnt remove any trace of a HDR setting on the #TV's software..... i have a feeeling the hdr option is missin which is naughty as this tv clearly staes hdr on the box and on the webpage i bought it from.


is there anyone else who has experienced this? can it be sorted remotely or is it a rplacement tv?


Many thanks guys


My Q85R automatically detects HDR content and changes the settings accordingly. Your TV might do the same.

Thanks for replying

So you dont have any settings on your TV about HDR? i understand it could be automatic but if you also had some settings for it then it might mean mine is missing something. Also when i tried to turn on hdr in a game it just goes black or on to the source input screen. It didnt do that on my other 7 series tv.


No settings. The general picture settings have an option to apply them to the current source or all sources. Nothing else.

If you go to quick settings, the picture mode will refer to HDR if you are currently watching HDR content.
Ok thanks for your advice but this doesn't seem to be the same in my case.

switching to a hdr signal just makes my tv behave weirdly. until the hdr signal has stopped.
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