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Message on Smart TV

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Why has my smart TV started giving the message when I go the internet that "there is a problem with this website's security certificate"? I have tried doing a factory reset and altering the clock all to no avail. Can some one please tell me how to stop this happening?

TracyR Moderator

Hey @TonyR


What model TV do you have?

Does this happen on all websites you try to visit?



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Im suffering the same issue, I’ve found a workaround. 

It seems to only happen via my particular ISP, so I connect to a portable hotspot on my phone, then reboot the tv - most websites and apps will now work. And so long as you keep the tv on, you can change the connection back to your wifi and it should keep working (until next reboot anyhow)


i think that somehow, on bootup, the Smarthub section gets an internal timestamp from an internet source. This route to the timestamp source may get blocked or misrouted by your router or ISP, so it defaults to 1 jan 1970! It then can’t authenticate any websites, cos they’ve all got certificates that only become valid in the “future”!

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I have the same problem 

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Hi TracyR,

My smart TV is a Samsung UE6400AKXXU

The message that there is a problem with a website's security certificate does not appear on every website.                               I would guess it appears on about 50% of them.

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