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Live TV home shortcut won't stay deleted


I don't watch live TV and have removed this app from my home screen but every time the TV is taken out of standby the home icon for it is back. Is this happening for every one?



TracyR Moderator

Hey @KDgamer


You're not able to remove Live TV from your TV as this is embedded into the software.



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@TracyRI am not trying to remove live tv functionality from my TV, I am simply trying to remove the shortcut from the home screen. I am able to select it and pick 'remove from home' and it does go away, but it comes back some time later after a sleep/wake cycle.

CarlH Moderator

As it's embedded, it will keep coming back if the icon is deleted, @KDgamer


Somewhere - Can't find it now but I was able to fix for us a few weeks ago - you can ACTUALLY SELECT what appears in the bar at the bottom, so that we now always only see what is current on our favourite TV channels.


It's one of the main problems with Samsung 'smart' tvs that there is no proper instruction manual.

If you don't know the jargon which is used you cannot even search for what is required, absurd really!


If someone else can find this magic setting again please post it.




Think I found it again...


To make the 'On Now' display show only what's on in the channels we usually watch, I think I did the following.


1. Set up Favourite Channels (which is not easy either), and on the guide page set 'filter'  to show them.


2. Go to the 'Smart Hub' and navigate to 'On Now' > 'Browse More' > click 'OK'


3. Navigate to the top of the page, so 'Settings' can be selected by going right and then clicking ok, (confusingly these are not the usual 'settings' but must instead be the obscure 'On Now' settings)


4. In each of the 'On Now settings' sections, go through all the 'Genres' etc. and de-select everything.


Then, in the bar of preview images at the bottom, the current shows on the favourite channels come first (clumsily and confusingly these are not 'favourite genres'!), but set up like this it now turns out to be very useful after all, instead of being just a nuisance!


I have the same problem. I have another Samsung tv and am able to remove the live tv input option from the hub bar and it stays off. On my new Samsung tv it always comes back when I turn the tv off and then back ok again. Annoying. Called into Samsung support and they said to return the tv back to the retailer however I’m pretty sure this is a software problem that could be fixed with an update. 


I'm just discovering this same issue where when I hit the Home button on my Samsung remote and the favourite apps comes up at the bottom of the screen, the undesirable Cable/LiveTV app not only shows up after selecting the down arrow option on it, and from the choices given to "Move or Remove" the app which I've tried several times to remove believe you me, it not only appears again but takes it cue right at the beginning of the apps row where it hogs the best selection slot. If at least it went to the last right hand side slot I'd say fine...nope the first slot on the left where it's easiest to navigate to. 

I don't even have Cable or LiveTV in my house ! I just use this TV for my computer and Netflix. 


When you give a selection that says "REMOVE"....please MEAN it..... LOL. Seriously, we live in a different era where there's people not dependant on Cable... Cable isn't THE WHOLE thing anymore....I live in an isolated Northern Ontario Canada town that has a population of 1000 people where there isn't even CABLE...Yes we do live in places NOT CITIES and yes we buy TV's. Hello World. 


Has anyone figured out a fix for this? It really doesn't make sense that Samsung gives the option to remove this "Live TV/ Cable" app when it just pops back up when you turn off the TV, if that's the case then why even give the option? 




Still the same issue, and samsung indicates its an issue with TV and that it should be returned to the store - you're kidding me. Clearly this is a software issue, or we as users arent doing something right due to lack of support.

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