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Lip Sync issue with 75 inch Q90 and Sky Q

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Like any others I am having problems on lip sync. My set up is a Samsung QLED Q90, Sky Q and Bowers and Wilkins Pamorama 2 soundbar.


If I connect sky q via HDMI to the TV One connect box (TV) , and  HMDI arc from the One connect box to the HDMI ARC on the soundbar,. picture is fantastic but bad lip sync experienced, especially on live HD and UHD channels.


The audio time delay on all three components is set to zero but it needs a negative setting, not a positive one, there is not a negative delay available on any.


If I change the config and pass the Sky Q signal through the soundbar, so HDMI to soundbar, ARC to TV, lip sync is sorted BUT Sky Q does not recognise that a UHD TV is connected and so I cant set picture output to UHD - aarrrgh!


Any ideas?


Is it the TV, do I need to change my soundbar or buy and go through an AV receiver (sounds overkill witha soundbarwhich has a negative delay function for video/audio?


Pretty awful when you purchase top of the range TV, decent soundbar and latest cable.


Thnaks in advance,




Yes - exactly the same problems.


if you set your Sky Q HDMI sound output to Normal instead of Dolby, I think the lip sync will be ok, and with a sound bar, that might work for you.


For me, I use an AVR, so I lose 5.1 surround doing this.  I think it’s unacceptable that Samsung sells kit that is incapable of taking Dolby sound through its OneConnect and out through either ARC or Optical to an AVR without maintaining sync.

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