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Light bleeding


Can someone please help me here?


Richer Sounds are fobbing me off saying that if they see light bleeding on a dark screen from the top edge, it doesn't count as the screen isn't designed to be looked at in the dark. The LED screens don't support monotone colours either. So I guess that means watching old movies in 21:9 I can't watch them anymore. Also, Dark = monotone according to them. So if I am playing a dark game, it's OK to see a persistent white band across the top of the screen. Apparently white bleed can only be returned if you can see it on a full colour screen in 1080p on the Samsung test screens. By the way, the built-in tester is of course in fully rich 4K colour with complex images which wouldn't ever expose the backlight. 


So I took another picture with the big light on colour in 1080p. 


Verdict: No, this is acceptable light bleed. 


By the way, this is the REPLACEMENT that I was given. I had an issue with this TV for two years and was fobbed off by Samsung by them telling me my Xbox was the problem. Now they replace it with a worse, PERSISTENT issue. Now my warranty has run out. 


Never again Samsung. 



Can someone put me out of my misery here?



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