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LE40B650T2W LCD TV Black screen with sound

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MY Samsung LCD TV has a black screen with sound if it is turned off from the remote and left plugged in to the mains overnight. I cannot access the menu. Black screen with sound appears on all sources.


However, if I turn the TV off from the remote and unplug from the mains, and leave it like that overnight, the TV works fine the next day.


The TV is connected to an AV receiver (Pioneer VSX-827) by HDMI.

DVD player, computer, Playstation and freesat box are all connected to the AV Receiver.


The TV's full details are:

Model: LE40B650T2W

Model Code: LE40B650T2WXXU 

Type No.: LE40B650

Serial No: AZZJ3SLS800351B

Version: SQ04


Can someone please help me resolve this issue. The TV works fine otherwise.


Thanks in advance,




Typical HDMI interoperability issue.. It is hard to define whether the reason of issue is TV or AVR or other peripherals connected to AVR... Do you see this issue if you replace TV with another TV?

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