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KS8000 and YouTube 4K videos...heavy stuttering!??!


Hi all, I'm a happy owner of EU65KS8000 and since last month I finally have a gigabit fiber connect at home, thus I started watching YouTube 4K videos!

But while watching 4k youtube videos having high bitrate I see that my tv randomly starts heavy stuttering like it doesn't have enough CPU power to decode the video.

My tv is connected via WiFi AC (at 300mbps) and I even tried connecting it via ethernet cable but nothing changed as expected (ethernet connection is "just" 100mbps, then slower than WiFi AC which connects at 300mpbs).

I tried activating YouTube nerd statistics and I can see that no dropped frames are reported while watching these videos even when they are heavly stuttering. What seems weird to me is that reported network bitreate is just around 50mbps. I even tried watching these videos with an xbox one x and a shield tv connected to the same tv....and there's no stuttering there...moreover they both report higher network bitrate while watching them (xbox one x reaches almost 150mbps!!!).

I'm guessing this issue is due to tv cpu not having enough power to decode high bitrate vp9 videos....but I'd really like to know whether anyone else is having such an issue. I'd like to point out that not every 4k videos I watch on youtube stutters....only the ones having high bitrate like this one:

Thanks in advance

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Hi there, shame there hasn't been much feedback on the issue. I understand this is a common issue with the KS series TV, but was wondering whether you had any joy overcoming the stutter. I do believe it may be a hardware restriction decoding the VP9 codec at a given bit rate, your Internet speed isn't the issue, in this case 


Nope. I changed TV instead. 😣

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