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KS7500 drops internet intermittently

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Had my new TV about a week and love the picture now that I have dialled down the Death Ray colour and contrast settings designed to melt the backs off the TVs in the next row in Currys. Everything was easy but prolonged to set up due to the complexity and flexibilty of the options on offer. 

The internet, however, keeps dropping out even though it is present and working on my iMacs, phones and iPad. To get it cranked up again I have to start from fresh and re-enter my password as if it was a new setting. I have to do this at least once a day, sometimes in the middle of a movie - it just hangs and tells me the internet signal has been lost. The stars of Interstellar were just circling a black hole at the time and it took five minutes for the movie to resume, which meant that they had all aged 27 years by the time I had re-established the connection. 

My ISP is Plusnet fibre, router is Apple time capsule. I have an AIrport Express directly underneath it which I disconnected, in case it was causing interference with the wifi signal, but it has made no difference.

The IP and DNS addresses on the TV are set to automatic.

Software is up to date.

Any ideas?


EmmaS Moderator

Hi Cykell,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! 


How far away is your router from the TV? Is it on any apps in particular that this happens on? 



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Hi EmmaS

Thank you for getting back to me!

The router, an apple time capsule, is on the first floor about 20 feet away from the TV. It does not recognise he 7500 as a client but sees the wifi module that Samsung uses.

I have been able to work round the problem by connecting a LAN cable from the TV to the airport express in the lounge which I had set up to play iTunes through my hifi. 

I realise it is, erm, unusual to connect a LAN cable to a router which then connects by wifi to a master router. It's the wrong way round, and it should be slow, but it works.

Thanks for responding.


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