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KS Owners refund

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@dipesh44 wrote:

If the credit company refuses then the next step woiwo be to take it to the fsa

You must first appeal their decision which they must give you details of.  What seems to be happening is on appeal we are getting the right result.  FSA is the last step which I do not think we have got to yet. 


If any of you took out know how insurance for your tv, Just drop it and it’s dealt with. (Simple way out) 

Insurance fraud doesn't feel like the right solution to this problem to me.

My case is with HSBC appeals, if nothing comes out of that I will be taking it to fsa

It’s not exactly fraud when the team knowhow say you are covered for “what ever happens” no matter how it happened right?
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@Hitsta wrote:
It’s not exactly fraud when the team knowhow say you are covered for “what ever happens” no matter how it happened right?

We must make sure we are doing everything correctly. But I could argue that misrepresentation should come under " what ever happens " protection,  as long as you are clear what you are claiming against. 



From the terms and conditions:


"Section B - What is not included?


  • Repair or replacement of the Product which has been neglected, abused, misused, or damaged intentionally. You must take reasonable care of the Product."

Seems pretty clear to me.


Reply email from curry's... 



Thank you for your email addressed for the attention of my colleague Connor.  As part of the CEO Support Team, your correspondence has been passed to me to investigate and respond as Connor is not in the office today.


Whilst I can fully understand your disappointment with the Samsung TV you purchased, I have to reiterate that the item was not knowingly mis-sold and is fulfilling its primary purpose and is not faulty.  If you bought the set primarily for the feature you describe, then why would you wait 2 years to complain this item is not functioning as described.



We do feel that the option to obtain a free of charge Samsung SmartThings hub ( V2 ) is a reasonable remedy, given that Samsung have taken the decision to not introduce the SmartThings dongle. The SmartThings Hub ( V2 ) can be obtained by contacting and providing the following information:



  • TV model number
  • Serial number
  • Picture of the label containing all model / serial details ( this can usually be found on the back of the TV )
  • Proof of purchase



In addition to the above, we have made an offer you a live with payment to the value of £150 to be paid as a BACS transfer. This offer is made on a without prejudice basis and was made in full and final settlement of this matter.


Your research and the other cases you refer to are not relevant, as each case is assessed on its own merit and may also have other factors that have been taken into account, but I am unable to provide any details as this would breach Data Protection Regulations.  However, as a show of goodwill, I would be able to consider the depreciated credit option as an alternate resolution if this is the fair offer you feel should have been made.  The amount offered takes into account the purchase price and the use you have had from the television and we would require the set to be returned to us if you choose to accept this.  The amount available to you would be £1010.00 in the form of a store gift voucher and this offer is not negotiable.


In closing, you have 2 alternatives to choose from, or you can see further advice, as is your prerogative.  Please take the time to consider all your options and come back to us at your convenience.



Yours sincerely,


If I am not mistaken it only became apparent the feature will not be available last year...need to be confirmed but I am sure that's the case


July 2018 samsung dropped the dongle I believe. 

I think curry's are treating my TV as faulty and telling me info that is so obvious.. 


Bunch of crooks! 

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