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KS Owners refund

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@Mylo75 wrote:

Sorry Paul this correspondence was all over the phone. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have got some news via email that I can share. 

Thanks for all your help again 


It is always worthwhile asking them for a ref number and an email outlining their position when they make these promises. Not that they will change their mind, but to save future time going over the same things again. Also, it would also help when you contact Curry's again and can show in black and white the Credit Cards response to this. There would not have a leg to stand on. Also, the credit card companies do claim the money back from the retailer because it was the retailer that was in the wrong, so Curry's are the one's who will have to pay, and then they will have to go after Samsung.


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Just a quick one slightly off topic is to think about buying using the interest-free credit when available and always paying the deposite with a credit (not debit) card. The reason being (and this hapened to me) is you have so much protection. In my case I bought a VHS recorder, Sat reciever and TV as a package on interest free credit. I found out the Sat box was second hand. I reported it to the retailer and as we know would do nothing. Long story short the finance company agreed it was a misrepresentation and I received a full refund. But and this the biggy, under the consumer credit act when you buy items with the finance they become your property. Therefore because there was a breach of contract due to misrepresentation, the finance was no longer viable and ended. But under the law, the goods are still yours even though you get a full refund. I had the retailer turn up in a van and wanting the goods back, which I said no, and was threatened. I rang the finance company and that was the last I saw or heard from the retailer.
You have this protection throughout the period of the loan. So for any expensive items its an added protection.
Seeing as it is a Financial company they will have a recording of this call, if they were to go back on this. But as you said an email, letter will be better as it can be used.

I've sent my email to currys support and received automated we will deal with it in the next 72 hours. If there is no response I will go and deal with my CC Amex on this, they've been great with me before when doing charge backs when retailer didn't supply the goods. They were super helpful either time.
The only issue with that has been, it affects one credit score, as I was looking at purchasing a house didn't want anything to affect it.
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@hmsq wrote:
The only issue with that has been, it affects one credit score, as I was looking at purchasing a house didn't want anything to affect it.

I can't see why, buy ask them.



I mean I was just implying, that reason I didn't do that last year was because I didn't want to have my credit score affected. Otherwise your suggestion seems valid.

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 Thanks, what would we do without you! 

Serious note the catcha is a right pain. The one asking for street signs I never have done that one. Do we really need it? Paul 

LOL. No worries, Paul. 


You’re not alone in not liking the Captcha. I’ve asked the Admin if we can at least make it less of a pain.


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@Timdog wrote:

Has anyone got a template for a letter before action? I want to get the small claims court process started. 

You don't need a template as such, just send them a letter to their Registered Office via Recorded/Signed For delivery and state your complaint and a summary of what has transpired between you and the company since first raising the complaint with them.


Make sure the words "LETTER BEFORE ACTION" is in a large, bold font near the top and also stress that if you do not receive a satisfactory resolution to the issue within 7 days of receipt of the letter (no need for any more as they've had ample chance already and you're in deadlock anyway) that you will be issuing a claim through the County Court.


Then give them 10-14 days to respond and go to to start the process.  It's a really simple process.

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Facebook response from Currys
Currys PC World Thanks for the reply. Again apologies that the incorrect information was provided in this and if you do have a name of who provided this information we will feed this back to thier manager. With regards to the TV, the information that we provided did come from Samsung and the tv does function as its primary purpose which is a TV. Samsung cannot provide the dongle for the this model but I understand that they have an equivalent that we can try and source for you from Samsung for free. This is not guranteed but we can ask if the details of the customer can be provided via a PM. This would be the full name address contact number and the receipt details such as d/o/p, branch number and the receipt number please. If we cannot source the alternative dongle you will be entitled to a partial refund based on the age and amount paid for the TV. Rich D

and my response,

It was Adam ********* CEO Support Team Team Knowhow™ Customer Contact Centre. I agree the information was from Samsung, but you advertised it and it is not your customer's fault it is wrong. That is something you take up with Samsung. As you know under the 2015 consumer regs that is a misrepresentation and the alternative will not give you the functions promised with a built-in hub on the TV. It is not another dongle but a Samsung hub you control from your smart phone. The TV will not be able to connect to the smart hub as advertised. Why do you keep insisting you can deduct for age and use. That is only if the item is faulty. This is misrepresentation which is different and your customers are entitled to a full refund as per the consumer regs, and if your legal do not know that, then I suggest you sack them and get people in who know the law. Richer Sounds have lost an ADR ruling that has ordered them to give full refunds. One of your customers has been told MBNA credit cards that if they do not give a full refund they will refund them. John Lewis has also lost a section 75 and are also giving FULL refunds! Your argument is with Samsung, not your customers. Paul1277

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Also asked them,
Also where in the regs is there any mention of the primary function. It does as advertised or not. The ADR against Richer Sounds never made any mention of "primary" purpose. You are making it up as you go along. We closing your lies and you spring up with more rubbish. There is no such thing as primary function! Paul1277
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