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KS Owners refund Results

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@matlough wrote:

Success here also with JL. Replacement arriving next week and at the same time taking away my KS :-)


Well done, it does now seem like JL have seen the light. Can you tell us who you dealt with to help other JL customers.

As always please pass the good news around on AV Forums under ks owners thread and any where else you can think of.











Email was originally sent to It was based on @billinghamn template letter. I then had an email the next day stating that the after sales team would be best placed to deal with this. 3 working days later I received a phone call agreeing replacement or JL credit note.


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matlough Explorer
49 minutes ago

Another success here with JL. Delivering new tv next week and collecting KS at the same time. I ended up getting the new Sony65XF90 and not an OLED for various reasons but mainly my OCD with screen retention etc!!

Paid another £400 towards new Sony but very happy with end result. Thanks to @billinghamn for his letter template!!

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MikeBUK22 (New Member) posted a new reply in TV, Audio & Video on 11-07-2018 12:18 AM :

Re: KS Owners refund

Would like to express my thanks to Paul and to Ramos... Had a completely no hassle free full refund from RS and with great customer service to settle on a Sony 55XF90 as a replacement. Couldn't have asked for more and will now never buy a TV from anywhere else. I used to include JL in that list but not anymore having seen the posts in this forum.
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@darrant1234 wrote:

Hi quick update on my claim. I went to currys this morning to take a look at some TVs so I could offer some suggestions after they suggested a Q6FN as a replacement to my ks9000. After speaking to them again after suggesting OLEDs in the 2800 range (I paid 2900 for my ks9000) they were unwilling to offer higher than the low end tv but it’s value was £2500. So I’ve paid extra and gone for a Sony OLED at 3100 after 200 off the price due to some offer. My ks9000 was taken back paid the extra and walked away. I did ponder the legal route but for £400 difference I was happy enough but I didn fancy it to court but didn’t fancy getting all the documents prepared etc like mentioned earlier and possibly messing something up and losing. So £200 a year I have lost but I can live with that. Just getting my OLED setup ready for England match
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@darrant1234 wrote:

Hi I went to the Birstall store in Leeds but my main progress was by emailing I did try to email Sebastian first but he’s quit lol.

the lady kept saying our legal team says such and such and also asked if the item was faulty to which I said no it’s perfect but doesn’t work as advertised etc. Once I’m back at a pc I can post my first email to the above address which was a complaint etc as I’d already made contact once.




been following this for a while . and wasn't to bothered about smart things how ever I was upset that my ks8000 wasn't getting the bbc iplayer 4k update . however I called richer sounds head office and told them about the smart things and about bbc iplayer and they said they was aware of the issue and I could get the nu8000 as a replacement.  I then told them that this was not as good tv as the ks8000.  after bit of research I had a few choices either the last 55q8f in the company that they had to get from another shop or the sony xf9005  which was nice but only has 2 full speed hdmi and I have ps4 pro an xbox one x and nvidia shield.  the other was the Panasonic oled but not keen on the burn in problems with OLED and I also have the Samsung hw-k650.  so I said to exeter branch to get me the samsung  QE55Q8F  so far very impressed . the remote works every time an issue I had with the ks screen and picture looks loads better and it don't have the led bleed my ks started to have near bottom of the screen . so far so good new 6 year warranty and I now have 4k bbc iplayer . I must say richer sounds exeter have been awesome.  planet earth 2 4k is amazing on the Samsung QE55Q8F  I know it's not 2018 model but 2 years of advancement I'm very happy so far . xbox x and ps4 pro looks great. thank you 

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vitaminjayz New Member
3 hours ago

I found it by doing a google search for ks8000 and BBC I player 4k and it was in the search. read a few pages and thought I'd pursue it. glad I did . this is the 3rd tv from richer sounds and always a pleasure. hope other people have success like me. but really think Samsung should do a recall and offer something else direct or refund.
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JLSuccess New Member

Just thought I’d post a summary of how I got on in case it helps anyone else.

I bought this TV April 2017 from John Lewis and been increasingly getting annoyed with Samsung around broken promises but didn’t think there was anything I could do about it. I stumbled on this thread about 3 weeks ago and followed with interest, but wasn’t feeling optimistic given other people’s experiences with John Lewis.
Anyway on Saturday I decided to just call them and see what they said. The first person I spoke to kept putting me on hold and coming back with nonsense about my gripe being with Samsung. I persisted explaining I had a contract with JL and not with Samsung - back on hold - “contact Samsung”. We did this merry dance for about 30 minutes until eventually she said there was nothing she could do not JL WOULD do about my issue. When I said that was unacceptable she gave me a head office email address. Thanks to many posts in this thread I knew that emailing head office could completely kill any chance outside of legal action of getting the issue resolved.
Then I came across the Sheffield number posted in this thread and decided to give that a call. The result was night and day. I explained I’d just called and I felt it was completely illegal to insist I deal with Samsung despite my contract being with JL. The guy I spoke to just out and out said “I completely agree, we’ve missold it based on everything you’ve said to me”.

Initially he offered me 10% of the TV price as a refund. I said that’s very generous but I don’t think I’d have chosen the TV without the advertised and promoted features. I thought this is were he’d then escalate but nope, he asked me what I felt was fare. I suggested they take the TV back and I order a new one of similar value to which without hesitation he said “yep, that seems fair to me”.
So we arranged collection and the delivery of B7 for this Thursday.

Between Saturday and Thursday I was convinced I’d get a call or email saying they’d made a mistake but nope, my Samsung is now gone and I’m currently in front of a B7.

So yeah, it seems to be a lottery. The first person I spoke to couldn’t have been any different in tone, empathy or action than the second person. Not sure this will be of any help to anyone but just reading everyone else’s experiences certainly helped me so I wanted to return the favour

Today I accepted the offer from my Barclaycard Section 75 claim for 50% refund and keep the TV.


The other offer was about 75% refund (for usage) and return the TV. I think I could've argued that usage shouldnt be deducted for misrepresentation, but in the end I felt that the 50% refund and keep the TV offer was fair.


Great result from Barclaycard. Terrible result from John Lewis who have been a disgrace. Anyone having issues with John Lewis remember to review them - they currently have 2/10 whereas richersounds have 9/10, which says a lot about the two companies.

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