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KS Owners refund Results

Hi paul1277,

Nobel (First Poster) posted a new reply in TV, Audio & Video on 10-07-2018 12:53 PM :

Re: KS Owners refund Results

Bought my 55KS9000 from John Lewis in store in May 2017. I emailed customer services to complain on Tuesday 3 July using billinghams letter as a template but not word for word, they emailed me the following day saying they had passed on the complaint to the store. The store called me on Friday to say they have the complaint and said they will consult with the Samsung rep, I then informed them my complaint was with them for mis-selling and not Samsung, Samsung was their problem. They rang back on Monday 9 July offering a refund for in store credit which I accepted, I'll be taking the KS9000 back and will replace it with the LG B7.
Regarding John Lewis it seems people are having more luck if they bought the tv in store.

Johneboy Apprentice
2 weeks ago

I just wanted to post to say Ive been following the various threads regarding the KS series of TV's and the lack of HDR support on the iPlayer.

After reading the various threads here I thought I'd try my luck with Richer Sounds, whom I bought my TV from. I was expecting a bit of a battle, so I explained the issue at great length and this was the first reply...
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your email, I’m sorry to hear about this. We are aware of the issues and we are happy to offer a remedy to the situation. Part of the current range of 2018 model Samsung TVs now have the Smart Things dongle built in and now support HLG as well as having full HDR support.

We are happy to offer you an exchange for a Samsung UE55NU8000, see below link, let me know what you think.

With kind regards
Totally shocked but overwhelmed Richer Sounds are aware of the issue and happy to replace any of the KS series of tv's without fuss.

In one phone call the rep told me he alone is dealing with ALL these particular Samsung HDR issues as they've had a few of them already.

I wasn't thrilled with the new Samsung on offer though (didn't like the stand, hasn't got good reviews) so wanted to switch to OLED and make the most of the situation. Saw the excellent Philips 55 inch OLED with Ambilight which was £300 more but got them to price match with John Lewis who were selling it for £1499 - the same I payed for my Samsung 55KS7000 2 years ago! They agreed a straight swap and I'm getting my new Philips OLED TV, for absolutely free, tomorrow!

Couldn't be happier with Richer Sounds and their superb customer service.

So, If you got a KS model from Richer Sounds, get in touch with them. And if you didn' time, buy from Richer Sounds! Smiley Very Happy

paulyoung666 Explorer
2 weeks ago
Me being one of them , short email followed up by a quick call the next day , wouldn't give a refund but store credit to the value which suited me anyway , now one very happy Q7F owner !!!

sewarner Explorer
3 weeks ago

@ewanstancarr wrote:

Just so I'm clear can anyone confirm they got a refund from JL on the basis of the "dongle" alone. I was in dialogue for months and JL stated categorically they had offered all customers in my position the same deal...and this was far from a refund. If anyone is prepared to give me details I'll go back to JL

I’ve just ordered a LG B7 from John Lewis to replace my KS8000. Unfortunately, they also want back the bundled 4k DVD player as well but that’s life. I was offered a Smart Things box after they had consulted with Samsung but told them it was either the dongle or a replacement tv. To be fair JL have been good on this which is why I will continue to buy from them. The process from end to end took about 2.5 weeks.

TV will arrive on Wednesday in time for the England match (and now Wimbledon). Happy days.

sneakyvtr Explorer
‎23-01-2018 08:59 PM

Copy of my post in the Blueplanet HLG thread:

Evening all,

So have just got back from Richer Sounds, I must say from day 1 with this purchase Richer Sounds have outdone themselves. I did not have a single push back, I sent one email requesting a refund, I was told I could bring it back and swap for the KS9000 equivalent of the 2017 range the Q8C. At this point I sent a second email politely asking if we could skip the fuss with section 75 and consumer rights act etc and come to an agreement of a replacement for a different brand. The store manager said he would check with RS HQ but did not foresee it being a problem.

An email this morning saying that was not a problem and please go into the store. I packed up my KS9000 in the original box and returned to their store. 20 minutes later I walked out with a 55" LG B7 OLED.

I asked if they had any other complaints regarding this issue of which they said yes their head office had heard similar before and that Samsung also pulled the same stunt with an 'evolution box' or something similar and it cost them then.

I urge all of you to fight for your refunds as much as possible and hope they do the right thing and side with their customers. Richer Sounds have my loyalty for life and I hope it will persuade you in future to avoid Currys like the plague! Best of luck gentlemen..
Sam-Knp Navigator
‎24-01-2018 09:41 PM

Just walked out of a JL store with a crisp Pana 55EZ952B, swapped my KS9000, without a word of argument!

All my business is going to go to JL for sure (as always from last 10 odd years!)

Thanks to everyone and Paul especially for helping out with the legal aspects of this issue!!

daleski75 Helping Hand
‎25-01-2018 06:22 PM

Just wanted to add if anyone wants any of my emails which helped me get £549 from curry's in vouchers, pm me and I will be more than happy to share.
paul1277 Hotshot
‎21-02-2018 05:45 PM



Sent Richer Sounds a simple email this morning detailing the issue and requesting a refund , they rang me back this afternoon offering a store credit for the full purchase price , superb service as always !!!

Well done, hopefully JL have seen the light and will offer the same to everyone else. Useful to put this update onto AV Forums.

I have just heard from Samsung Office of the CEO that they are now going to give me a full refund for my 65ks9500 which was exchanged for the 65q9f. The HDR on the q9f was awful and I sent them pics and their product specialist said it was within specs. Not impressed but I am getting a refund so a result. Just got to start looking for a new telly.
MC_Blade Explorer
‎28-02-2018 07:24 PM

Giving my 55KS7000 back for a full cash refund with RS as I dont have the pocket change for a replacement right now. with the new models comming out shortly I will wait to see what drops in price.

Success here also with JL. Replacement arriving next week and at the same time taking away my KS :-)







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