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Just an update on my audio video & a big thanks to the community.

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Good evening all you Kats & Kittens. Just wanted to say hey & leave all with an update on the status of my home theater system thanks to your putting up with all the questions I had. Well I was trying to make neat all the cables & the like, when to my horror, I knocke over my 55" QLED Series 6 TV. Only 18 months old. I just recied my new set (a 58" UHD NU7100 Series 7 I guess I will find out tomorrow if all the home theater peripherals will be compatible. But you can rest assured that I will be tethering this brute to the wall. Don't know what has happened to font size but for some reason it just just up a notch or two.

I do have a quick question. I have a small room about 10 x 10 as I live in a travel trailer. Anyway were is the best location for the sub woofer? Again my friends, thank for helping the oldbroad Canuck fron the Pac. SW, less than 2 miles from the 49th where I-5 & Hwy 99 meet. 

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